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    West ia Coal Camps in the 1940's - We Heart WV

    Nov 15, 2015· 18 Photos That Show Life in West ia Coal Camps in the 40’s. Sunday, November 15, 2015 9 Things To Love About Spring in West ia. Friday, May 16, 2014 West ia Birder Welcomes 2018 With Early Photos. Monday, January 8, 2018 9 Movies Set in West ia.

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    ExplorePAHistory.com - Stories from PA History

    In the early 1900s Pennsylvania had more company towns, which were known as "coal patches," than any other state in the nation. A 1922 survey estimated that a little less than half of the state's estimated 180,000 bituminous coal workers lived in "independent communities." Most of Pennsylvania's bituminous coal miners–especially those living ...

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    Social Welfare History Project Company Towns: 1880s to 1935

    Company Towns in the U.S. 1880s to 1935 . Introduction: In the 1890s, in remote locations such as railroad construction sites, lumber camps, turpentine camps, or coal mines, jobs often existed far from established towns.As a pragmatic solution, the employer sometimes developed a company town, where an individual company owned all the buildings and businesses.

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    Coal Mining In The 1920's - The Mountain Laurel

    Coal Mining In The 1920's By Theodore R. (Ted) Rorrer. The Journal of Mountain Life ... Back in the 1940's, I gave a program at the Madison, North Carolina Rotary Club covering how coal was mined around 1920. ... The mining camp may have a theater, bank, cafe, post office, and one store. These are owned by the coal company. There is no ...

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    Women in the Mine Towns | American Experience | Official ...

    Women in the early 1900s were barred from working underground in the coal mines, but their work above ground was integral to the coal camp system. ... by supporting daily life in the tent colonies

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    The Coal Town System - YouTube

    Jan 13, 2016· West ia coal operators built small, company-owned towns for their miners to live in. The coal towns were almost always unincorporated; there were no elected officials, no independent police ...

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    16 Photos From West ia Coal Camps In The 1930s

    Dec 19, 2015· These 16 Photos Show What Life Was Like In West ia Coal Camps. West ia has a long history with coal. We often hear references to coal camps and company stores, but have you ever wondered what life was actually like back in coal camps during the 1930s?

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    Strategies for Survival: Women's Work in the Southern West ...

    Women's workplaces in the southern West ia coal camps were complicated by the existing social and economic conditions. According to historian David Corbin, the company-controlled economy of the coal camps of southern West ia united the racially and ethnically diverse work force into open revolt against the coal companies.

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    COAL MINING IN IOWA - University of Northern Iowa

    Because the average coal mine lasted only ten years, little care was given to the appearance of these camps. Coal mining camp houses about 1900. Location unknown. One of the best remembered and most unusual coal camps was located in Monroe County in southern Iowa. Buxton, as it was called, was a thriving coal community during the early 1900s ...

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    Ludlow Massacre - Wikipedia

    The Ludlow Massacre was a conflict resulting from a labor strike.The Colorado National Guard and Colorado Fuel and Iron Company guards attacked a tent colony of 1,200 striking coal miners and their families at Ludlow, Colorado, on April 20, 1914, with the National Guard using machine guns to fire into the colony.Approximately twenty-one people, including miners' wives and children, were killed.

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    History of coal miners - Wikipedia

    People have worked as coal miners for centuries, but they became increasingly important during the Industrial revolution when coal was burnt on a large scale to fuel stationary and locomotive engines and heat buildings. Owing to coal's strategic role as a primary fuel, coal miners have figured strongly in labour and political movements since that time.

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    Coal Towns | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

    Three coal units have closed in southwestern Pennsylvania since 2012, including FirstEnergy Corp.’s Hatfield’s Ferry power plant, a 1,710-megawatt landmark so close to Nemacolin that, on a sunny day, it would eclipse the village’s streets with its plume of white steam. Coal producers have experienced a wave of bankruptcies and soul-searching.

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    A trip through Amonate, ia/West ia, coal camp ...

    Mar 21, 2017· A trip through the Amonate coal camp beginning on the ia side at the Trace Fork Viaduct. Originally part of the Pocahontas Fuel Company, Amonate is still plugging along.

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    Life in the Coal Camps - The Library of ia.

    The Internet also offers a means of preserving the history of ia's coal camps. People who grew up in the camps have designed websites about their towns and established guest books filled with memories of life in the coal towns. What was life like in a Southwest ia coal town?

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    Coal Camp Documentary Project | appalachianprojects.as.uky.edu

    The Coal Camp Documentary Project is an ongoing collaboration between the University of Kentucky Appalachian Center and community members to map and document historic company coal mining towns in eastern Kentucky. This interactive website is designed as a way to share information about coal camp life.

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    A Miner's Story | eHISTORY

    A Miner's Story. Article scanned from The ... married; the father of four children, and have lived in the coal region all my life. Twenty-three of these years have been spent working in and around the mines. ... His wages are a trifle over $10 a week for six full days. Before the strike of 1900 he was paid in this region $1.70 per day, or $10 ...

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    1900: A Year in the Life of America - Genealogy.com

    Tycoons such as J.P. Morgan and Andrew Carnegie amassed fortunes greater than many European nobility. But in the same cities, factory workers and coal miners, often children, slaved for perhaps $1 to $2 each 12-16 hour day. With no safety net, many workers just couldn't make it -- nearly a third of 1900's immigrants headed back home.

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    West ia Historical Society Quarterly Vol 15, no. 3

    Their mines and stores were profitable ventures. The miners for their part had work and comfortable housing, both of which had been dwindling resources in the mountainous farming regions they had come from. Most appear to have fond memories of their lives in the coal camps of southern West ia.

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    Coal Camp Maps

    Coal Camp Maps. Company towns were more than simply arenas of conflict. The fact that the coal industry mushroomed in an area that had been thinly settled by farmers and grazers meant that such towns had to be built to attract and house workers.

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    Life in a Company Town – The University of Alabama Libraries

    Life in a Company Town . The mining camps of Birmingham, Alabama, 1900s-1950s. Curated by Kate Matheny, ... When you worked for a coal or ore mining company in the early 20th century, it dictated many aspects of your life, such as when and where you worked, right down to the house you lived in — furnished by the company, in one of its towns. ...

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    Buxton Iowa | Coal Mining Camp Family History

    Since very little coal is being mined now in Iowa, the turn of the 20th century coal mining era continues to fade from the pages of history, including the fact that Iowa was once a leading supplier of coal to the nation. The coal was used to power rail travel since the gas and diesel powered automobiles and locomotives were just being developed.

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    Kentucky Coal Heritage - HISTORIC CONTEXT

    Coal companies benefited by pushing aside local power groups, because that facilitated a more efficient transformation of the agrarian economy of self-sufficiency to and industrial-colonial economy. Consequently, rules governing life in company towns often benefited the …

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    25 Photos of 1930s and 1940s Kentucky Coal Camps

    Dec 19, 2015· 25 Photos of Kentucky Coal Camps During the 1930s and 1940s. Kentucky is home to Pike County, which is the largest supplier of coal in the U.S. However, we were also home to many other coal companies all across the state.

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    Coal Mining Topical Bibliograph - Library of ia

    ries of coal town life long after many companies and mines have closed. The manuscript and published items listed below represent an overview of ia’s coal heritage at the Library of ia. Archival and Manuscript Materials ... Catholics in the Coal Camps, 1900–1940.” ...

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    Coal Camp History Historical Marker - hmdb.org

    Aug 11, 2010· With railroads came thousands of workers looking to make a new life in the coalfields. In the late 1800’s and well into the mid-1900’s, many Appalachian miners lived in company towns called “Coal Camps”. Mine operators built company-owned towns along railroad lines to support the huge numbers of workers arriving daily.

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    Coal Camp Days - Angelfire

    This page is about our life in the Coal Camp at Sherman Junior High School. We created some of the places from an old fashioned Coal Camp.We dressed up like they did back in the early 1900's and had our pictures made. There were a lot of things going on the …

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    Life In A Mining Camp During The Early 1900’s - Buxton Iowa

    Life In A Mining Camp During The Early 1900’s. by Mrs. Hazel Nylander. Aunt Hazel Smith Nylander - 1970. I wonder if many of you could visualize what life was like in a coal camp around 73 years ago at the beginning of the century. I was born in Evans, a coal mining camp in Mahaska County. My parents were John and Elizabeth Smith.

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    Harlan County Revisited – Memory of a Miner

    The Harlan Fox Coal Co operated from 1918-1924. Simultaneously the J B Blue Gem Coal Co ran from 1920-1922. And lastly, the Harlan Fox Mining Co – presumably derived from the Harlan Fox Coal Co – was in operation from 1925-1932. I’ve read that in its heyday, the Blackjoe coal camp …

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    21st Century coal mine near Coal Creek, Tennessee. (Google Street View image) Circa 1920 photograph of a coal miner standing in a drift portal into an 84" seam of coal at Fork Mountain, TN (not sure if Fork Mountain in Campbell Co. or Morgan Co.) The coal seam is not named, but most coal seams in Tennessee were not this thick.

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    King Coal - West ia

    By the early 1900s, coal was essential to virtually every aspect of life in the United States. Bituminous coal heated homes, powered railroad engines and fueled Navy battleships. For many years, southern West ia produced more bituminous coal than any other region in the country.

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