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    Dispersants and Additives - huntsman.com

    HUNTSMAN amines and surfactants make it easier to create high performance coatings & inks. Our pigment and universal dispersion technologies can enhance various water-borne, solvent-borne, and UV-curable systems for graphic arts, publishing, packaging, and coatings applications. Manufacturing

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    Paints & Coatings - Clariant Ltd.

    Jörg Rüger, Paint Engineer and Global Application Development Manager Paints & Coatings at Clariant Industrial & Consumer Specialties ADDITIVES FOR PAINTS Our additive range focuses on solutions for water-based architectural coatings.

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    Surfactant Leaching - Causes & Solutions - Sherwin-Williams

    All latex paints may exhibit this tendency to some extent if applied in areas where moisture (rain, dew, showers, laundry rooms, etc.) comes in contact with an uncured latex paint. Cool temperatures will retard the paint's curing process, which can allow surfactants to separate out and float to the top of the coating.

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    How to disperse and stabilize pigments - inkline.gr

    Nonionic fatty acid derivatives such as the alkyl phenol ethoxylates (APEs) and fatty alcohol ethoxylates (FAEs) are one of the main types of surfactant used in coating applications as wetting and dispersing agents for pigment particles, particularly in decorative emulsion paints and water based inks.

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    Additives for Coatings and Inks - Patcham

    Additives for Coatings and Inks. A Sustainable Approach to ... Dispersant for inorganic pigments, extenders in SB paints, inks, plastici-zers and colorants. Higher molecular weight polymer, for improved ... Specially designed for application in coil coatings and industrial paints systems. HMV polymer.

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    Additives for Paints and Coatings - WordPress.com

    variety of paint and coating applications. Solvay additives deliver outstanding benefits to coating ... paints, coatings, inks and adhesives. RHODOLINE® OTE-500 improves open time for low to ... pigment dispersions and stain resistance in these formulations.

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    The Akzo to Zeneca of the Asia-Pacific Coatings Show ...

    The Akzo to Zeneca of the Asia-Pacific Coatings Show. Source: . 1993/01/04. ... Cappelle produces both inorganic and organic pigments for the paint, printing ink and plastics industries. ... The organic range includes new products for coatings applications. The inorganics feature the silica-encapsulated chrome yellows and moly oranges ...

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    Smart Formulating for Coatings - dynasylan.com

    Besides binders, pigments and solvents, coatings and inks in the ... copolymers or non-ionic silicone-free surfactants Wood and industrial coatings, architectural coatings, auto- ... ment technology for optimum customer solutions in ink, paint and coatings applications. From the earliest colorants and pigment

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    AkzoNobel confirms details of €2 billion capital repayment ...

    Jan 18, 2019· AkzoNobel (AKZA; AKZOY) today announced details of the capital repayment and share consolidation approved by shareholders on November 13, 2018. The record date for shareholders holding common shares will be at the close of trading hours for Euronext Amsterdam on January 23, 2019. A share consolidation ratio of 9:8 will be effective on January 24, […]

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    Silicone Solutions for Paints, Inks and Coatings

    Emulsifiers, Surfactants and Stabilizers Emulsions, Fluids and Blends Gels, Encapsulants and Conformal Coatings ... Silicone Utility Across a Broad Range of Coatings and Inks Applications. ... from pigment grind to paint let-down.

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    ANGUS Chemical Company | Paints & Coatings

    paints & coatings You can rely on ANGUS for a wide variety of specialty chemicals that serve as excellent dispersants for clay, titanium dioxide and calcium carbonate pigment. These chemicals improve neutralization, rheology, pH stability, odor control and color acceptance, in addition to several other benefits throughout a paint’s lifecycle.

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    A Lesson in Amines Used in Water-Based Products - Paper ...

    Acid-base interaction of amines make them quite suited for wetting corona-discharged films. Besides water-based inks and coatings, amines are used in a variety of packaging products. They find application as surfactants, lubricants, anti-stats, as well as conductive materials.

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    Surface Chemistry - InfoMine

    pigments, paints, inks ®Armac, Duomeen, ... AkzoNobel Surface Chemistry offers a full range of surfactant and polymer products for a multitude of applications. ... amine surfactants because of one or more of the three functions described in this section. Their versatility can be

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    Performance ingredients for the paints and coatings market

    Surfactants enabling sustainable formulations in Colorant solution, Wetting agents, Dispersing agents and more. Surfactants - Paint, coatings and inks additives . Gain access to surfactants, fatty amines and specialty polymers that are used in the in final formulation of paints and coatings. Berol, Ethylan

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    Surfynol Surfactants | Evonik - Specialty Chemical ...

    Due to its multifunctional properties, Surfynol 104 can provide performance benefits in many waterborne applications such as coatings, paints, adhesives, inks, pigment manufacture and dispersion, cements, metalworking lubricants, agricultural chemicals, and dye processing.

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    Paint & Coatings, Adhesives and Inks - AmphoChem AB

    Paint & Coatings, Adhesives and Inks We can offer you solutions for your formulations of paint & coating, adhesives & inks from global additive manufactures with a top of the line product range of cationic & amphoteric surfactants, nonionic- & anionic surfactants, and polymers. Moreover,

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    AkzoNobel Adds, Subtracts in China : PaintSquare News

    AkzoNobel's Surface Chemistry business manufactures products for paints, coatings, pigments, inks, polymers, resins and other applications. The additional investment will be used to build a multipurpose reactor to expand local production capacity for amines and to "align HSE practices at the site with the rest of AkzoNobel," the company said.

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    Enhancing Functionality with Novel Additives - American ...

    The three new surfactants are suitable for all water-based paints and coating formulations (as well as inks and adhesives), including architectural coatings (interior and exterior), wood, concrete, plastic, and direct-to-metal formulations, according to Korkut.

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    Paint & Coatings, Adhesives and Inks - AmphoChem AB

    Paint & Coatings, Adhesives and Inks. Top of the line product range within Paint & Coatings. ... adhesion promoters and co-resins. These products are used in applications such as inks, coatings, adhesives, amino resins, nails lacqures and plastics.

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    AkzoNobel building demo plant ethylene amines technology ...

    The range of ethylene amines targeted by the new technology platform includes diethylenetriamine (DETA) and triethylenetetramine (TETA), which are key building blocks in a number of growth applications such as epoxy curing, lube oil additives, and oil field chemicals.

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    The Use of SURFONAMINE® Amines in Ink and Pigment …

    chemically linked to the pigment provides a better compatibility with the medium in which it is dispersed. This ultimately results in better dispersion and stability of the pigment when it is used in an ink formulation or in other applications such as paints and coatings.

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    Global Surfactants Market Trends & Forecasts to 2020

    Asia Pacific has the largest market of surfactants of wax, which is supported by China. Some of the key players operating in the market are BASF SE, Clariant AG and Akzo Nobel N.V., among many others. The study of the global surfactants market ensures a 360° view, bringing out …

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    Solutions for paints and coatings - Arkema.com

    These resins are suitable for many applications: Architectural and industrial coatings (decorative paints and traffic paints, coatings for transports, construction and ship-and boat-building, etc.) Inks, varnishes and solutions for graphic arts and printing; Sealants and adhesives

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    Dow Surfactants Reference Chart

    Dow Surfactants Reference Chart. ... of paints, coatings, and inks for pigment wetting, film leveling, and pigment and dye stabilization. Dow surfactants contribute desired mechanical properties ... properties, and application information detailed in the following pages.

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    for Coatings, Paints and Printing Inks - Borchers

    organic pigments in aqueous paints and printing inks Borchi® Gen SN 95 W polyurethane oligomer; non-ionic; 25% in water; for high quality coatings with carbon black and organic pigments Borchi® Gen 0851 W modified polyurethane; 50% in water; non-ionic; for high quality industrial and automotive coatings; pigment concentrates with carbon blacks or

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    Additives for Paints and Coatings - WordPress.com

    FENTACARE® specialty amines w RHODIASOLV® coalescent Adapted for paint and coating applications: w Waterborne paints w Aqueous ink systems w Water-based adhesives Solvay Novecare Coating Additives Note: These products are produced at worldwide locations through the Novecare division of Solvay.

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    AkzoNobel to Buy Specialty Surfactant Producer in China

    Jul 29, 2011· AkzoNobel to Buy Specialty Surfactant Producer in China. July 29, 2011. Reprints ... Rhodia to Buy Producer of Amines and Surfactants AkzoNobel Completes Acquisition of Chinese Surfactants Producer ... Nippon Paint Acquires Turkish Coatings Company, Makes Bid for Dulux Group

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    AkzoNobel develops novel technology produce ethylene amines

    AkzoNobel’s specialty chemicals business has developed a novel technology platform for producing ethylene amines and their derivatives from ethylene oxide. As well as significantly reducing raw material consumption per ton of product, it also offers a substantially improved cost and sustainability profile when compared with existing processes.

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    AkzoNobel Developing Coatings That 'Paints Itself ...

    AkzoNobel is developing a hi-tech coating which paints itself onto surfaces by harnessing energy from daylight. ... The secret lies in the light-loving nanotechnology embedded in the pigments, which acts as an invisible paint brush. ... Copolymer of Vinyl Chloride and Vinyl Isobutyl Ether-MP15,MP25,MP35,MP45,MP60,resin for coatings & inks CAS ...

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    The Resource for the Global Coatings Industry - Coatings World

    Dutch multinational paint and coatings producer, AkzoNobel has been operating in Vietnam since 1992, when the company began selling architectural paints in the country. Later on, the company invested in four state-of-the-art production faciliti…

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    Breaking News - Coatings World

    Breaking News - Our International Buyers Guide contains information on chemicals and equipment suppliers for the paint and coatings industry. It also includes listings for associations and consultants, with detailed contact information for all companies.

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    Paint, Coatings & Inks | Surface Chemistry - Nouryon

    In working with our Paints, Coatings & Inks team, you’ll gain access to surfactants, fatty amines and specialty polymers that are used in the in final formulation of paints and coatings, during the production of resins, and as constitutive building blocks for the tailoring of properties.

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    Ashland | Inks and Printing

    As a specialty chemical ingredient company, Ashland touches many different industries and markets including printing and inks. During printing, it's important that inks adhere to a variety of paper and products. Even pigment dispersion ensures that the color is consistent throughout.

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