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    Iron Ochre Problems in Agricultural Drains - B.C. Ministry ...

    Iron ochre in subsurface drainage systems can result in poor performance or complete failure of the system. ... DESCRIPTION OF IRON OCHRE Iron ochre is a yellow tan or red jelly-like substance most easily observed in open ditches and drain outlets. ... CONTACT RESOURCE MANAGEMENT BRANCH Geoff Hughes-Games, Provincial Soil Specialist ...

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    Iron Ochre And Related Sludge Deposits In Subsurface Drain ...

    slime, and iron sulfide. Iron deposits, collectively named ochre, are the most serious and widespread. Ochre deposits and associated slimes are usually red, yellow, or tan in color. Ochre is filamentous (from bacterial filaments), amorphous (more than 90% water), and has a high iron content (2 to 65% dry wt.).

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    Vermeer's Palette: Red Ochre

    There are many variations or red ocher: a light, warn tone is Venetian Red, darker, more cool-toned purple versions is called Indian Red, or Caput Mortuum. The choicest source for red ochre in classical antiquity was known as Pontus Euxinus, from the Pontine city of Sinope, according to Pliny. The coloring agent of al these pigments is iron oxide.

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    Prehistoric pigments - rsc.org

    chemical reaction in which yellow ochre produces a new red substance different from the natural haematite ochre or red earth (terra rossa). They were not aware they were changing the hydrated iron (III) oxide to anhydrous iron (III) oxide. This does not mean they were chemists but they were aware of chemical change and used it as a craft tool.

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    Red Ochre: Red HæMatite - Red Iron Ore - Scarlet Ochre ...

    Red Ochre: Red HæMatite - Red Iron Ore - Scarlet Ochre - Red Chalk - Ruddle - Bole - Sinoper - Sinopis - Rubrica - Miltos - Terra Rosa - Arrabida Red - Bolus. The pigments above-named are native ferric oxide (or iron peroxide) associated with variable proportions of mineral impurities such as clay, chalk, and silica. They differ from the ...

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    Ochre Pigment / Ochre Powder - Reade Advanced Materials

    Ochre is a mineral earth oxide that occurs naturally. These natural oxides vary in color, but are often red or yellow. Ochre can be produced to meet deftinite color, compositional and physical specifications. Chemical Name: Iron(III) oxide. Chemical Formula: Fe2O3-SiO2-nH2O

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    New Riverside Ochre - Pigment

    As a way to achieve a broader range of colors with a higher yellow or red shade, Ochre may also be blended with synthetic pigments and used as a cost effective base. 548 Ochre is a brown-yellow, refined natural iron oxide pigment (Fe₂O₃) with an average particle size of ~3 microns. It is the most economical buff color in the pigment industry.

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    Iron Ochre basement drainage solution - YouTube

    Apr 09, 2011· Wet Basement Solutions solves an Iron Ochre problem in a basement water drainage system by using a two stage sump pit solution.

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    Basement Questions: Iron Bacteria

    Iron Bacteria – commonly known as iron ocher, iron algae, or as some basement waterproofing installers call it, red slime or the "red stuff". Actually the problem is not really iron ocher. Iron bacteria are microorganisms that use iron ocher as a source of energy. Here's what basically happens in …

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    Use of red ochre by early Neandertals | PNAS

    The use of manganese and iron oxides by late Neandertals is well documented in Europe, especially for the period 60–40 kya. Such finds often have been interpreted as pigments even though their exact function is largely unknown. Here we report significantly older iron oxide finds that constitute the earliest documented use of red ochre by Neandertals.

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    Iron Oxide Yellow - digitalfire.com

    Yellow ochre clay contains yellow iron oxide. In ceramics red iron oxide is most commonly used in glazes and clay bodies, but black is also used. Yellow is the least color-stable form. Yellow iron oxide is a synthetic material of very fine particle size (but not as fine as black or red). Actual yellow iron oxides are around 85% Fe2O3 and about ...

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    Prehistoric Mining. - Ancient-Wisdom

    This cave site, occupied ca.250,000 B. P., yielded a specimen of red ochre that was striated on two faces with marks of abrasion together with a flat rubbing stone with a granular crystalline surface that had been abraded in the center possibly during the preparation of ochre powder (Marshack 1981: 138).

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    Mining by Aborigines - Australia's first miners

    Mining by Aborigines – Australia's first miners Mineral Resources While 1997 was the bicentenary of mining in Australia by people of European descent, the history of mining in this country stretches back much further. For more than 40 000 years before the arrival of …

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    Pigments through the Ages - Manufacture Recipes - Red Ochre

    Red ochre consists of silica and clay owing its color to iron oxide. It is found throughout the world, in many shades, in hues from yellow to brown, and faint blue. The best brown ochre comes from Cyprus. Red and yellow ochre pigments abound at the surface in …

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    Iron Ochre Control Methods - BC Ministry of Agriculture

    Iron ochre will stick to plastic drainpipe with about 20% more force than to a fired clay tile. Experiments have also shown that compounds mixed into the plastic of a pipe increase or decrease the ability of ochre to stick to it. For example, tin

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    Ochre | Definition of Ochre at Dictionary.com

    Ochre definition, ocher. See more. Dictionary.com; Thesaurus.com ... To conclude, a youth with parted hair, a name that is ochre to red journals and gold on the back of a supper check. The ... Honore de Balzac. There is a place on the road where iron sand is dug, and whence runs a chalybeate spring, which leaves settlings of ochre ...

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    Ochre - The Oldest Known Natural Pigment in the World

    Jan 27, 2019· Natural iron-rich oxides provided red-yellow-brown paints and dyes for a wide range of prehistoric uses, including but in no way limited to rock art paintings, pottery, wall paintings and cave art, and human tattoos.Ochre is the earliest known pigment used by humans to paint our world--perhaps as long ago as 300,000 years.

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    Ochre ~ Hudson Valley Geologist

    Nov 06, 2010· Ochre is a term used to describe natural mineral pigments - commonly red (red ochre) and yellow (yellow ochre). This is related to yesterday's discussion because both are iron oxide minerals. Red ochre is derived from hematite (Fe 2 O 3 ) which is oxidized iron and rusty red in color (rust and hematite are essentially the same thing).

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    Iron Bacteria (Iron Ochre) In Wet Basements - Century Masonry

    Iron Ochre Related Issues Include: Stains: Iron ochre stains anything it comes in contact with, including laundry, sinks, and tubs. The porous surfaces of concrete will absorb iron-ochre-laden water, leaving deep stains that are especially difficult to remove. Iron ochre has also been known to leave an oil-like, rainbow-colored sheen on water.

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    Pigments through the Ages - Overview - Red Ochre

    Brief description of Red Ochre: Red ochre is composed mailnly of iron oxide, hematite which word comes from Greek, hema meaning blood. Used from prehistory and throughout history, these permanent pigments can be safely mixed with other pigments. Ochres vary widely in transparency; some are quite ...

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    Red Ochre Gemstones and Minerals | Gem5.com

    Red Ochre Gemstones & Minerals. The following is a list of Red Ochre gems and minerals listed in our database. Click the pictures to get full data, click the X to remove the gem from the list.

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    Iron Ochre Remover - BWS Distributors

    Iron Ochre is sometimes called iron bacteria, iron algae, red goo, or simply slimy, smelly stuff, that is stinking up your basement. Iron bacteria are microorganisms that use iron ochre as a source of energy – much the same way that dangerous mold uses moisture as a source of energy.

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    Ochre | Royal Talens

    When the hydrated iron oxide is heated, the water evaporates and the colour changes. This is a process whereby yellow ochre turns red (red ochre, burnt ochre), the yellowish-brown pigment from Sienna changes to a clear reddish-brown (burnt sienna) and the raw …

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    Iron Bacteria (Iron Ochre) In Wet Basements

    When iron ochre is present in the water used to wash laundry, it can also ruin any clothing washed in it. The porous surfaces of concrete will absorb iron-ochre-laden water, leaving deep stains that are especially difficult to remove. Iron ochre has also been known …

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    Hematite - Wikipedia

    Red ochre contains unhydrated hematite, whereas yellow ochre contains hydrated hematite (Fe 2 O 3 · H 2 O). The principal use of ochre is for tinting with a permanent color. The red chalk writing of this mineral was one of the earliest in the history of humans.

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    Resources - Red Ochre

    The available resources are split into sub-sections on our website. These are: News items, blog entries and successes of our clients; Robert’s Blog, for commentary, reflection and opinion from Red Ochre co-founder Robert Foster; Uday’s blog for stimulating news, ideas and thinking from Red Ochre’s MD

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    Wyoming State Geological Survey

    Red Ochre and Clovis. By Chamois Andersen. Between 11,500 and 13,000 years, it is considered one of the oldest mining sites in North America. Discovered at the historic Sunrise Iron Mine, near Hartville, red ochre mined by Paleo-Indians was used as a pigment.

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    Ngwenya Mines - UNESCO World Heritage Centre

    The Swazi names of these pigments "libovu" (red ochre) and "ludumane" (sparkling ochre) indicate that exploitation of these minerals extended into historical times. By about 400AD other, Bantu-speaking, peoples had arrived from north of the Limpopo River. They were agro-pastoralists who also smelted iron …

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    Red Lady cave burial reveals Stone Age secrets | New Scientist

    Mar 18, 2015· Red Lady cave burial reveals Stone Age secrets. Some 19,000 years ago, a woman was coated in red ochre and buried in a cave in northern Spain. What do her remains say about Palaeolithic life in ...

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    What Colour Is Ochre? | Reference.com

    Ochre is a natural pigment created from clay and sediment deposits, in colors ranging from yellow to dark red and brown. Minerals such as hydrated iron oxide give ochre its distinctive and varied earth-tone colors. The colors of ochre are determined by the minerals that settled with the sediments that led to …

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    Ochre - Wikipedia

    Red ochre, Fe 2 O 3, takes its reddish colour from the mineral hematite, which is an anhydrous iron oxide. Purple ochre is identical to red ochre chemically but of a different hue caused by different light diffraction properties associated with a greater average particle size.

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    Ochre: The World's First Red Paint - livescience.com

    Nov 20, 2018· Ochre (pronounced OAK-er) is clay pigmented by hematite, a reddish mineral that contains oxidized iron, which is iron that's been mixed with oxygen, said Paul Pettitt, a …

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    Iron Water: The Problem with Iron Ochre | Basement Systems ...

    Dec 12, 2012· This is why the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources calls iron a "secondary or aesthetic contaminant." Iron in drains and plumbing pipes in a home can lead to corrosion and clogging, which in turn can result in flooding or leaks, typically in the basement. Know the Signs of Iron Ochre …

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