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    EOS 3D Printer Review - Buy 3D Printer

    EOS offers several lines of 3D printers which differ by the raw materials used for printing, and by options and quality: there are metal laser-sintering systems, plastic laser-sintering systems, and the somewhat rare sand laser-sintering machines. In fact, EOS offers the only 3D printer able to work with Croning moulding material – allowing ...

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    Direct Metal Laser Sintering/Melting | DMLS/DMLM | i3D MFG

    The EOS M280 is the work horse of EOS DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering) 3D printers. It produces production parts using fully automated laser sintering driven by Solidworks CAD files, no CNC programming, no tool changes necessary.

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    DMLS Metal Technology for 3D Printing

    DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering) is an additive manufacturing method. It creates parts additively by sintering fine metal powder particles, to fuse them together locally. Like in the SLS process, your metal part will be created layer by layer, according to your 3D model. A major difference is the ...

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    Talk:Selective laser sintering - Wikipedia

    I don't think either of the two popular commercial systems, the 3D Systems selective laser sintering system or the EOS laser sintering systems, use a vacuum. I think heat dissipation is desirable, to control the size of the spot where the laser hits. When service bureaus are quoting a tolerance of +/- …

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    DMLS Materials and Characteristics for Metal 3D Printing

    Maraging steel is slightly more cost effective than PH1 and will deliver a much higher precision metal prototype that the SLS A6 tooling steel material. ... What machine does Axis Prototypes use for its DMLS printing service? ... We currently operate a EOS M270 metal sintering machine that can produce customized metal objects and end-use ...

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    EOS Laser Sintering Sand Printing - YouTube

    Oct 30, 2014· Sand Mold making by Laser Sintering technology. Rapid Prototype Casting. Grain size is 0.20 mm. Don't need wooden pattern for Sand mold.

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    How much does a 3D metal printer cost? - Quora

    In 2013, the least expensive base price for a metal 3D printer was 125k USD for an ExOne Lab Platform, ExOne machines run up to 1.4M USD. SLM Solutions machines ranged from 195k to 700k EU. Realizer were from 120k to 480k EU. Metal-sintering EOS m...

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    It’s Time For Direct Metal 3D-Printing | Hackaday

    May 19, 2016· It’s Time For Direct Metal 3D-Printing. 75 Comments ... DMLM machines cost about $1M and above, and besides the acquisition price of a machine, direct metal 3D-printing is also a …

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    EOS Announces New EOS P 500 Plastic Laser Sintering Machine

    With the EOS P 500 businesses receive smart and robust technology to foster a reliable, flexible and cost-effective production. The EOS P 500 builds twice as quickly as the current fastest laser sintering machine (EOS P 396) thanks to a dual-laser system fusing the powder, and a new recoater.

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    eosint m 280 laser sintering machine cost - resourceplus.co.za

    EOS Launches New Laser-Sintering Machine and Powders at ... Laser-sintering system manufacturer, EOS, launched a new machine for processing metal powders at EuroMold 2010. Called EOSINT M 280, it is an improved version of its market leading additive manufacturing systems for metal components.

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    DMLS | DMLM | Direct Metal Laser Melting & Sintering Services

    The technology itself produces fully dense, production quality parts. With the EOS M400 x 4., quad laser DMLS/ DMLM machine, speed and cost efficiencies are also now a reality in Metal AM. i3D MFG utilizes its EOS M400 x 4 to run production parts for a variety of industry projects.

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    » Low Cost Selective Laser Sintering: The Innovator’s ...

    Low Cost Selective Laser Sintering: The Innovator’s Dilemma in Powder? ... The EOS setup above is integrated into existing ERP software, connected to PLM and has monitoring throughout the system ...

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    30 years of EOS

    EOS further expands its product portfolio and builds a sand laser sintering system, the EOSINT S 350, based on its EOSINT P 350 plastic system, which enables the direct, tool-less manufacture of sand cores/molds for metal cast parts.

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    3D printer owners rate the best 14 machines | Computerworld

    In the new Selective Laser Sintering category, only one machine was reviewed -- the EOS P 396, an industrial machine that retails for $250,000. (Vendor site.) But, what do you expect to pay a floor-standing 3D printer that uses a laser to melt and solidify layers of powdered metals into finished objects?

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    DMLS - Direct Metal Laser Sintering - custompartnet.com

    Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) was developed jointly by Rapid Product Innovations (RPI) and EOS , starting in 1994, as the first commercial rapid prototyping method to produce metal parts in a …

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    Diy 80 watt CO2 laser sintering in sand. (engraving ...

    Apr 17, 2014· This video demonstrates my first test with laser sintering in sand using a 80 watt diy built laser cutting machine. Because of the fact that this is a first try the results may not be spectacular ...

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    EOSINT M 270 - DMLS Technology

    the EOSINT M 270, ranging from light alloys via steels to super-alloys and composites. EOS has developed novel alloys especially for the DMLS process, and has also optimized and qualified standard industrial materials such as stainless steels for this machine. Further materials are continually being developed and qualified.

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    Nylon SLS 3D Printing | Highest Quality and Best Value SLS

    We have the largest capacity of Nylon SLS (selective laser sintering) in London, which provides us with an unbeatable 2 day production time and maintain highly accurate and consistent results at competitive prices.. Nylon SLS is both strong and flexible, making it a favourite for a wide variety of industries.

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    What is the cost structure of DSLM (metal fusion additive ...

    Jan 16, 2015· I have recently started working on direct metal laser sintering processes, mainly using EOS M 290 system. I can give you some insights based on my experience so far. I may not be able to give you cost in numbers for all the items. * Design of pa...

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    Sand Made Low-Cost SLS 3D Printer - 3D Printing Industry

    Sand Made has developed a low-cost selective laser sintering 3D printer that it will be launching at TEDx in Poland.

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    First Low Cost SLS 3D Printers - 3D Printing Industry

    Norge Systems has announced the release of the first low-cost selective laser sintering 3D printers on the market, with their Ice1 and Ice9 machines. ... First Low Cost SLS 3D Printers Hit the ...

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    The different SLS 3D printers on the market - 3Dnatives

    Mar 22, 2018· There are so many different SLS printers in the market now. We have prepared a list of 15 SLS 3D printers, whether it's desktop, industrial or printers that should arrive on the market soon in this new article. Read the full article by clicking the link above.

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    DMLS Machines

    A wide variety of materials can be processed by the EOSINT M 270, ranging from light alloys via steels to super-alloys and composites. EOS has developed novel alloys especially for the DMLS process, and has also optimized and qualified standard industrial materials such as stainless steels for this machine. EOSINT M 270 BROCHURE

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    Metal Additive Manufacturing Machines & Technologies | 3D ...

    Metal Additive Manufacturing Machines & Technologies: At the very core of this is the 3D printing machine, with the technology ranging from basic to those being used in heavy industry.

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    Desktop SLS: Industrial 3D Printing for the Masses ...

    If the ease with which SLS machines can be assembled is improved and the designs made open source, we may eventually see a greater proliferation of SLS 3D printers as well. What will be left after this is for low-cost metal laser sintering machines to emerge. Perhaps some of …

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    Metal Sintering Meets Industrial Needs with the EOS M 290 ...

    The EOS M 290 in Action: While EOS's M 290 and M 280 systems are primarily associated with aerospace and automotive engineering the abilities of EOS's 200-series machines are opening up new applications for metal additive manufacturing. One burgeoning area of metal AM is architectural and structural engineering.

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    EOS Additive Manufacturing of high-quality metal parts

    Systems and Solutions for Metal Additive Manufacturing Tool-less manufacturing of high-quality prototypes and end products of metal. EOS offers a comprehensive portfolio of systems, materials, software and services for all process steps of industrial 3D printing.

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    EOS Additive Manufacturing Systems and Materials

    The EOS solution portfolio is modular in structure, its elements are perfectly harmonized and can be combined according to needs. In addition to systems for Additive Manufacturing, the EOS solution portfolio comprises a wide range of materials, software and processes as well as extensive services and supplementary products.

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    The different SLS 3D printers on the market - 3Dnatives

    Mar 22, 2018· According to EOS, their 70-watt lasers reduce cost per part by over 30%. In addition, the EOS P 500 has a large build volume, at 500 x 330 x 400 mm, meaning that multiple parts can be produced simultaneously within the build chamber. These fantastic features come at a cost however, with the machine costing over $250,000. Red Rock 3D – Red Rock

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    Whitepaper - cdn0.scrvt.com

    EOS laser sintering solutions provide systems, materials and parameter sets for additive manufacturing (AM). These solutions are the key to e-Manufacturing – the fast, flexible and cost-effective production directly from electronic data.

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    Details and costs - College of Engineering at Carnegie ...

    Material Cost: $200/kg Ti6Al4V [Total material use = actual material use (after weighing the part) + 5% for the lost material] Contact: Sandra DeVincent Wolf EOS M 290 - Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) - for various metals. The EOS M 290 utilizes a 400 watt fiber laser that generates the energy needed for sintering metal powder. The DMLS ...

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    MATERIALS FOR DIRECT METAL LASER-SINTERING . ... e-Manufacturing means fast, flexible, and cost effective production directly from electronic data. Laser-sintering is a generative layer manufacturing technology and is the key ... sliced into layers by the EOS software. A laser-sintering machine then builds up the required

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    Sand Made SLS 3D Printer Prints with Multiple Materials ...

    When we typically think of selective laser sintering (SLS) 3D printers, we usually envision machines which cost anywhere from $100,000 up to $1 million. They are the machines reserved for large ...

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